Federal law requires that every medication must go through a series of clinical research trials before being approved by the FDA, in addition to being approved by an independent Research Ethics Board. Clinical research trials are critical to the advancement of medicine and making available new and helpful medications. It is our mission at Houston Clinical Trials to play an integral role in the advancement process.

  • To help in the development of new medical therapies & treatments for people with mental disorders
  • To receive psychiatric evaluation at no cost to you
  • To receive study related medical testing and medication if eligible
  • To receive a variety of beneficial services: expert medical care, laboratory tests, ECGs, as well as additional diagnosis and study medications that are not being offered to patients who choose not to participate in these studies
  • To seek a cure or treatment for a specific adult, adolescent or child psychiatric disorder
  • To receive the latest treatments that are not yet available to the public
  • To regain control of your body and illness

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If you are interested in learning more about clinical trial participation, please take a moment to fill out a confidential pre-qualifying questionnaire to register with us. Take the first step, as there may be a trial which you or someone you know may qualify for.